MultiOTP Fortigate ssl-vpn group problem

hi I'am trying to integrate multiotp pro as a radius (with Windows AD backend) for fortigate, and when i try to select a specific group of users this is not working, multiotp do not pass groups to fortigate, fortigate is expecting Attribue off "Fortigate-group" how can i pass something like that to fortigate with multiotp ?


  • Hello, could we make a quick patch in order to send the following attributes for a device with the name containing "fortinet" ?
    ATTRIBUTE Fortinet-Group-Name 1 string
    ATTRIBUTE Fortinet-Access-Profile 6 string
    Best regards
  • yes please, i will try
  • for a reference, in privacyidea i have done this that way: [Attribute Fortinet-Group-Name] dir = user userAttribute = group regex = CN=VPN-(.*),CN=Users,DC=######,DC=###
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