How to activate and import ZyWALL OTPv2 / SafeWord / Aladin tokens definition file in multiOTP Pro

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I just bought a ZyXEL Starter Pack, how do I import the token in multiOTP Pro ?

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    Hello, here are the steps
    1)    Go on
    2)    Register or login
    3)    Sign-In
    4)    Clic on SafeWord Activations
    5)    Activate your software licence using the the SafeWord 2008 Software Serial Number (second sticker on the Activation Certificate)
    6)    Enter your token group ID number (first sticker on the Activation Certificate)
    7)    Downloads the zip file and extract importAlpine.dat
    8)    Log in to your multiOTP Pro
    9)    Configuration menu (wheel symbol) -> Tokens
    10)   Import from file
    11)   Select the importAlpine.dat file

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