How to schedule backup

Hello, Could you help me to understand backup task ? I use day backup through FTP, how can I setup time ? When I click apply backup start and working fine, but I need to start each day at 23h00? In ftp I found 3 files 1) config--MacAddress-auto.bin 2) info--MacAddress-auto.txt 3) multiotp.cfg Multiotp.cfg was unreadable (encrypted ?) -correct ? Could you tell me if .bin files contains custom template and was secured by key ? Best regards Luc


  • Hello, actually you cannot set the time of the backup but only the frequency. Hourly is done at : xx:00 Daily is done at : 00:00 Weekly is done : every monday at 00:00 Yes config--MacAddress-auto.bin is encrypted with the Encryption password set on the backup parameters. Yes the template are included in config--MacAddress-auto.bin. Best regards
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