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  • Hello Marc, Once a Yubico Key is imported (or attributed) to a user, you have two choices: 1) Double-clic on the user, select hardware token and select the Yubico Key defined. 2) As the self-registration is enabled by design in multiOTP Pro, …
  • Hello Marc, This is already in the roadmap for the next major release. Regards,
  • Hello, the shared secret is the secret that can be shared in the device section. If you want to authorize your whole network, you can set a device with a subnet, for example / Best regards
  • Hello, Is it possible to organize a remote control session, as your problem is probably related to your ZyWALL USG configuration and has nothing to do with multiOTP Pro. In your log, no authentication is coming in the multiOTP Pro from the ZyWALL US…
  • Accented characters are now better supported in the new releases. Keep us in touch if you still have any problem. Best regards
  • Hello, the new releases added more log details.
  • Hi Luke, the release (2014-04-06) fix both issues (logs are here again and attributed user is removed from token when user is deleted). Regards, Andre